John Templeton and Value Investing

“Wise investors recognize that success is a process of continually seeking answers to new questions.”

John Marks Templeton

Investor John Marks TempletonJohn Marks Templeton was no stranger to bleak economic news. In fact, in times of maximum pessimism he found opportunities that would earn him his reputation as the “greatest global stock picker of the century” (Money magazine, Jan. 1999). From the prospect of looming world war in the 1930s to the crashing markets of 1987 and even into the twenty-first century’s tech and housing bubbles, he found ways to maintain his indomitable sense of optimism.

The Templeton Touch is a web resource to share John Templeton’s financial wisdom as well as share insights about value investing. Through his words and the words of people who knew him best, The Templeton Touch features the timeless knowledge of one of the twentieth century’s greatest investors to put into perspective the economic challenges currently confronting the world.

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The Templeton Touch is not a site dedicated to giving investment advice. Rather, it is a resource to share the wisdom of John Marks Templeton and provide historical and current perspectives on economic issues.